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Since 2005, Suzhou PhoenixPower Industrial Co., Ltd. has consistently been at the forefront of AGV/AMR unmanned mobile handling robots and offroad electric vehicle electric drive technology. As one of the early specialized companies in this field in China, we are committed to providing customers with comprehensive and efficient electric drive solutions.

The formation of the brand matrix under PhoenixPower results from our indepth insight into market demand. Through the "Phoenix Power" brand, we offer integrated electric drive solutions, simplifying complex technical requirements into products and services that are easy to understand and implement. Meanwhile, our "iangv" brand focuses on industry solutions for servo motors and servo drives, providing excellent power and control performance for AGV/AMR vehicles. Additionally, "Firmpace" develops specialized casters for AGV vehicles to ensure smooth operation; "inEVC" concentrates on the development and research of drive and control programs for AGV electric drive systems, driving the intelligent process forward; and "Miestype" leverages its 20 years of experience in highprecision gear transmission device development to provide precise and efficient transmission solutions for the industry.

Our brand matrix reflects PhoenixPower's indepth research into technology and precise grasp of the market. Through this matrix, we can provide customers with one-stop services, meeting allround needs from essential components to integrated solutions. This comprehensive service capability sets us apart in the fiercely competitive market, earning widespread trust and recognition from customers.

Looking to the future, Suzhou PhoenixPower Industrial Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the concept of "simplifying complexity" and strive for innovation and progress. We will continue to delve deeper into the field of electric drive, dedicated to providing customers with even better products and services, and jointly creating a brighter future.


Our philosophy is that technology serves production, and value comes from application. We firmly believe that the actual value of technology lies in its practical application and the benefits it brings to customers rather than solely in its novelty or complexity.



We aspire to become the preferred partner for customers in electric drive technology. Through our professional expertise and innovative solutions, we aim to help customers address pain points, drive sustained and stable growth in their business, and create tangible value.

Our mission is to provide customers with efficient and stable products and services, ensuring that technology is no longer a barrier and that the practical application of technology can drive customer business growth.

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The PhoenixPower brand matrix integrates expertise from various fields including electric propulsion, servo technology, specialized casters, drive control programs, and high-precision gear transmission.
Through collaborative efforts among our brands, we offer comprehensive AGV vehicle solutions, aiming to drive innovation and development in the field of logistics automation.
The PhoenixPower brand matrix, with its comprehensive technical strength and service capabilities, caters to diverse customer needs, leading the industry forward.
Tel:+86 13013751913 / +86 13013759869
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No.1 Jinjie Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China
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