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Since our inception in 2005, Suzhou PhoenixPower Industrial Co., Ltd.has been steadfastly committed to pioneering the AGV/AMR unmanned mobilehandling robot and off-road electric vehicle drive assembly sectors. Ourdiverse product portfolio encompasses horizontal and vertical drive wheels,steering wheels, electric steering wheels, differential steering wheels, andhigh-precision casters.

At PhoenixPower, we prioritize technological innovation, unwavering
product quality, and exceptional service experiences. Through the seamlessintegration of inagv® high-performance servo motors, servo drives, connectors,and software, we offer our customers 'plug-and-play', 'stable, and reliable'electric drive solutions. Our mission is to demystify intricate technology,ensuring a straightforward and trustworthy partnership with you.

Our drive wheel offerings not only stand out in performance but alsorepresent outstanding value for money. With state-of-the-art productiontechniques and stringent quality control measures, we guarantee that eachproduct meets, if not surpasses, your expectations.

Since 2005
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Comprehensive Industry Solutions

As a leader in the core components field of AGVs, PhoenixPower provides the industry with a rich array of solutions. Through the integration of innovative technologies, PhoenixPower offers highly integrated core components to AGV manufacturers, including electric drive wheels, servo motors and drivers, optimized connecting cables, and specialized casters. These solutions not only simplify the manufacturing and debugging processes of AGVs but also enhance the stability and operational efficiency of the entire vehicle, injecting new vitality into the development of logistics automation.


Comprehensive Industry Solutions

As a leading player in the core components sector for AGVs, PhoenixPoweroffers an extensive range of solutions to the industry. Leveraging innovativetechnology integration, we provide AGV manufacturers with highly integrat edelectric drive wheels, servo motors and drives, optimized connectors, and specialized casters. These solutions not only streamline the manufacturing and debugging processes of AGVs but also enhance the stability and operationalefficiency of the entire vehicle. This injects new vitality into the development of logistics automation.

We have focused on the R & D and production of AGV electric drive wheels for a long time.

With an extensive repository of over 10,000 industry cases, we offer our clients an unprecedented diversity of choices and breadth of references. This ensures that you will always find the solution and success path that best suits your needs.


Our products can replace more than 90% of foreign products.


We provide system solutions for more than 2400 industry customers.


We have technologically advanced production bases for various brand matrices, capable of meeting our clients' comprehensive needs.


We have more than 60 patents and software copyrights.


Adhere to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development, products meet EU standards.


The whole scheme of driving wheel, driver, wiring and software, plug and play.


The categories and specifications of our products can cover the selection needs of customers in most industries.


Better design and process, easier to replace parts or maintenance, and longer service life.


We have our own supporting supply chain, so that customers have a better cost control program.


Full range of products are serviced, with superior drive control and performance.

PhoenixPower is committed to offering a comprehensive range of core components for AGVs. Our diversified product line includes horizontal/vertical drive wheels, horizontal/vertical steering wheels, electric steering wheels, and differential steering wheel sets. Additionally, we supply specialized high-precision casters for AGVs, low-voltage servo motors, servo gearmotors, servo drives, specialized connectors, and high-precision gear reducers. These products are designed to ensure efficient and stable operation of AGVs across various applications. Choose PhoenixPower for robust support in your AGV projects.

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PhoenixPower boasts industry-leading R&D capabilities.

Design is the foundation of a good product, taking into account factors such as installation space, load and traction force, noise levels, lifespan, adaptability to complex working conditions, ease of maintenance, and environmental friendliness. We also prioritize technical coordination with production to enable rapid mass deployment of our products, reducing unnecessary process costs and delivering optimal solutions to maximize customer value.

With a dedicated in-house R&D team and research laboratory, PhoenixPower conducts rigorous reliability tests and parameter solidification on our products. This process leads to the creation of standard documents and the development of standardized products. The superior compatibility of our products significantly reduces customer development cycles and costs. Even for customized solutions tailored to specific customer needs, we can design and produce them swiftly.

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By integrating the brands under PhoenixPower, namely inagv, Miestype, Firmpace, and inEVC, PhoenixPower offers users a comprehensive solution for AGV drive system core components. This includes drive wheels (steering wheels), servo motors, connectors (wires), servo drives, control systems, gear reducers, and specialized AGV casters. This integrated approach is highly favored by users and brings evident benefits: shortened deployment cycles, no debugging hassles, reduced procurement costs, more stable and reliable operations, and simplified maintenance coordination.

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